Consumer finance AIFUL thorough explanation! | Ranking consumer finance caching card review day

AIFUL same-day provisional diagnosis in lending and the Internet, also debt consolidation have flexibility. Whereas services such as ACOM and promise, branches, the Lake has come up with new market expansion strategy, AIFUL Corporation summary amount to located and loans with limited work experience, salary, and the diagonal up to 100000 yen loans and ”
Those who so far have been struggling with debt “loans easy-to-use, small loans just for the person who is being prepared.
* SMBC consumer finance brand is a promise.
> > AIFUL, please here that most put the power of the lornifur summary the sells two types of products.
One is “karikae MAX”.
Runs only for the purpose of debt consolidation loans, which in total pollutant load control (AIFUL’s existing customers are excluded), is offered only to users for the first time using the AIFUL.
Interest rate is fixed at 12.0% per annum.
Maximum loan amount is 5 million yen.
In some cases depending on the case, almost the same as the banks offer debt consolidation will be cheaper interest rates than banks.
The strictly limited amount regulations subject in that slow, but has a debt of more than one person.
Within the total pollutant load control is conditionally 5 million yen in loan limits, has become to me shopping for “debt consolidation” “summary MAX” is.
AIFUL Corporation, and to pay off the remaining debt capital going to repay them in the AIFUL has become a mechanism.
Only qualified applicants from the beginning, while promising service capable of high loan quota at low interest rates for new services also featured AIFUL Corporation receives an application from a wide range of third-party customers.
The eligibility requirements have been noted.
It is the first premium loan card.
The real annual interest rate from 4.5% 9.5% and including bank loans until the lowest level.
Total regulatory item of the money lending business law, from Max but not borrow only up to one-third of the salary, but on loan amount up to 5 million yen and is.
Registration qualification is a 23-year-old more than the annual income is more than 5 million yen.
And once the status card registration qualification is like.
Products, such as exists in the position of the polar opposite of the first premium loan card on the other hand, “doggy flick.
“The caching service is, borrow only up to 100000 yen.プロミス 日立