Compare the differences between Bank loans and consumer finance. What is the advantages and disadvantages? [Caching encyclopedia]

Speaking of loans, but the Bank loans it is peace of mind.
How many people listen.
It is great confidence at the Bank isnt there, certainly compared to consumer loans is lower interest rates and borrow money intact.
It asserted, however, interest rates are low from absolute bank deals, is card magic.
I think you tend to choose loans lost this time, want to talk about the difference between consumer finance and bank loans.
Each is the key to understand the advantages and disadvantages apply, it is wise to borrow money.
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* AC master card details here > > real annual rate 3.0%~18.0% loan maximum 10000 Yen ~ 8 million yen examination time minimum 30-day loans available collateral or guarantor required repayments how fixed-rate revolving format consumer finance and bank loans before the first learn about the total pollutant load control! Total pollutant load control.
I think many of us have heard this term.
Total control 4 characters that become necessary when discussing loans for.
To know the nature of the loans first, let’s review of the total pollutant load control. And the total pollutant load control?
One of the provisions enacted in the money lending business law and limit the personal loan amount is limited to 1/3 of the annual salary system.Example: Mr. A’s income is 9 million yen.
In this case if the total pollutant load control for personal loans, will I can only borrow up to 3 million yen.
Also must become a 1/3 less income total loan amount if the total pollutant load control not be limited to money lenders, Bank one, there are several lenders.
Total pollutant load control is not suitable for loans to corporations, has become a law only applies only to the personal loan.
Decisive differences between consumer finance and bank loans first loans most important, what basic things to organize and become total regulated consumer finance and Bank is not eligible to be.
In other words, no longer depends on the income of their large loans available to mean Bank loans is.
Consumer finance, its sheer size and popularity relations not so all become subject to total control over 1/3 of the salary debt financing will be impossible.
However an exception to 1 book for the loan for debt consolidation purposes only, even if total amount subject to regulation is not, even if it is consumers ‘ financial summary product.
Therefore, 1 book in consumer loans of, regardless of their income, a large summary is possible.
These principles are the basic no longer borrow loans on, so never forget is not. I’m reluctant bank money lent is true? Ability to repay varies person to person, right?
This is a provision was enacted so commensurate with the affordability of individual loan limit.
But that recent Bank on spending sprees to individuals who lend money passed issues, financial services Agency referred to the prevention of excessive lending by the Bank of storage to new things.
Beginning to loans settled in principle banks will not be bound by the total pollutant load control, each bank to self-regulation, based on the total pollutant load control in some banks.
For the major banks tightened examination and submission of income certificate obligatory embarked on such loans on the same day, ever more than borrowing from a bank is becoming difficult.
Benefits Bank loans is interest rates are cheap, and borrow money in large quantities, but now more loans difficult getting it.
Who told the consumer the impression might not.
But to understand its advantages and disadvantages, and you’ll debt ALARA!
Consumer finance was surprisingly is not.I think experience articles to read and understand also that per.
I think summary characteristics of consumer finance is characteristics of consumer finance and addon you want to together.
(1) average maximum interest rate 18% and high (2) speed reviewed the same day loan can use limited interest-free service pride (3) multi (4) in each consumer financial services of their own enhancement (5) immediate transfer service is happy (6) cooperation with ATM many supplies and estimates include only this feature. I think I it must be by nothing but the disadvantage of high interest rates, but higher convenience loans?
Examination is omitted for more detailed application for conscientious consumer finance loans compared to banks, basic income there is debt financing can be 10 minutes long service career, without the hefty debt financing situation.
Of course age restrictions or limitations, such as the limit on loans for pensioners and housewives cannot come out.
(However, it is also can borrow if spouse income in medium-sized consumer finance) * the following articles to the contractor claiming “no screening” is dangerous.
Be sure to recognize examination of something is.
Can be beneficial is not reviewed banks are so strictly for regular and non-regular employment in consumer finance and various forms of employment and salary width is available. Will be even easier to pass examination Subscribers (1) randomly loans. sign up to submit income certificate even 500000 below to review the dare lower the desired amount shall aim to avoid multiple application (2) in particular new contract high ACOM and promise (3) (4) of these points based on your
More chance of going through screening will be enhanced.
Summary of reason for consumers ‘ financial benefits include enhancing on debt consolidation.
Should be no less than are now from several lenders already among those who consider the consumer financial.
Debt consolidation at that time repayment plan can be more simply, is very useful.
Is debt consolidation consumer finance as noted above, the total pollutant load control not bound by them regardless of income, the loan can be.
That additional financing is absolutely impossible due to the nature side of consumer financial to lenders in bulk agent debt will also say that the benefits of debt consolidation big.
However when it comes to shopping for credit cards, money lending business law, not activating sales method, because in consumers ‘ financial summary is not.Still low gravitation swill drawn into it so.
I think Let’s borrow Bank here is based on the characteristics of such bank loans, while the benefits and trade-offs.
Summary features of bank loans say Bank loans, no longer only in their interest rate go!
It is the users mind.
I think here is me summarize the characteristics of bank loans.
(1) loans on the maximum interest rates average around 15% available (2) regardless of the total, loans OK (3) if by linking accounts and even housewives convenience UP (4) small loans Bank loans are loans available (5) to not loan speed slow (6) interest-free service!
Points compared with consumer financial service accord, but still without total borrowing, and interest rates low is a big attraction.
However are no longer currently in most of the banks on the same day in loans money to borrow, so the next day and you will need enough for a couple of days and judging.
Judging difficulty!
Repeat enough that Octopus always passing it to the examination, examination of the Bank is really awkward.
Matter of the notice of the financial services agency in person and more rigorous examination of recent and has fallen bashibashi examination who until now would have had through examination.
I’d have you know, to the examination of bank loans each bank examination and review by the assurance company two-step screening requires. It is mean to judge whether those good loans usually take leading consumer financial guarantee companies, each with an enormous customer information carefully.
Average consumer financial examination pass rate is around 40 percent and around Bank loans it is 20%. That might not pass examination only at a rate of one in five think so and settled in consumer finance comfortable in May.
And is more likely to run into safety measures is to come.
However in the Bank, salary and service history are no problem, also if you’re even borrowing to repay without problems, examination passes in dreams is not. In the Bank and can be put together?
Usually in the Bank, except for few exceptions couldn’t summary professional products is not provided.
Used summary purposes, through the jury to even if you have no problems, but does not accept the agent payments service, such as bank note.
Also held is so aloof that last point for possible additional loans for the Bank to repay the loan goal is to reverse the.