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This [Let’s caching!
] Terms of service (hereinafter referred to as the “terms”.
) The Joker beats co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”.
) Of the offer [Let’s caching!
] Service (hereinafter “services”) of between items to use, users must comply with company and user rights and responsibilities would be.
Considered that by using this service you agree to the terms.
Article 1 application 1 this agreement is, intended to determine the rights and responsibilities between the user and company regarding the use of the services, whatsoever related to use of the service between the users and our relationship will be applied.
2. posting on this website from time to time our service rules and regulations is made part of this agreement.
No. 2 constant righteous terms in use the following terms shall have the meanings set out below each.
(1) “post” and the word of mouth sends a user in the service and all other information is (position information, data, text, but not limited to these.
) Means.
(2) “intellectual property” and the copyright, patent, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights and other intellectual property rights (and get those rights, or including the right to apply those rights registration, etc..
) Means.
(3) and this site’s Web site about the services operated by the company (includes Web site after the change if you changed domain of our website or the content, for any reason whatsoever.
) Means.
(4) provide our ‘service’ and [Let’s caching!
] That reading names submitted and sent and posted or sent information-related services (includes service after the change if you change service contents, for any reason whatsoever.
) Means.
(5) means the users according to the terms of service and to use the services.
(6) means the terms of service use agreement and holds among the users of our products and our services, according to the provisions of this agreement and, by using this service the user considers you agree to these terms, and service utilization contract is concluded.
No. 3 article outline this service is information services that we can provide information or post information in a user Bulletin Board form, expert answers, browse it.1 No. 5 of the service users in accordance with the methods prescribed by the company within the scope of the purpose of this agreement and does not violate the terms within, you can use this service.
2. acts falling under any of the following items may not, per users use of the service. (1) the rights of other users of our services or any third party’s intellectual property rights, right of publicity, privacy, honor, Act infringe other rights or interests (2) an Act relating to criminal acts or acts that violate public order and morals (3) indecent or harmful to the youth information posted or sent (4)
Reposting content intended to meet actual act of sexual intercourse using a website as (5).
In addition, the Act of inviting other contributors to such acts.
Or that contains misleading such acts (6) personal information (including phone number, email address, address, in whole or in part, is not limited to these. ) You must not post or violate internal rules of the industry organization laws, company, or user action to post other site ID and password for them to ask for action (7) (8) (9) Computer virus acts posted information contains any other harmful computer programs or to transmit (10) to falsify information on the services available (11) over a certain data capacity provided by the company through the service to send data to (12) so-called ” Sakura “in an act of posting content to smear in deliberately, such as low and your mistaken good service or sending conflict (13) products and services to or impersonating others to send Act (14), to use the services (15)
Business activities and other acts for profit (unless approved by the company. ) (16) by the company, without prior notice to user acts 3 we may interfere with the operation of the service (17) submitted by those under the age of 18 (18) posting the information, including personal information (19) and other company deems inappropriate
To delete all or part of the information.
The book assumes no responsibility for damages caused to the user, based on measures pursuant to the.
4. ask if you think it violates paragraph 1 contents of the posted information on this site please inform us contact us separately through users.5. post the user agrees to authorize advance and other information are posted to the foreign service.
The company shall have no obligation to do, delete information submitted to an external service.
6. users and on their own responsibility and expense, procure information terminals are required and to operate the company bears no responsibility for this.
Without prior notice to users, if 6. outages. or break 1 company applicable to one or more of the following, for the use of the service will be part permanently cease or temporarily suspend or all. (1) if (4) operation of the service becomes impossible due to force majeure such as if stopped by accident if you do regular or urgent maintenance of computer systems pertaining to the service or maintenance work (2) computers, communication lines, etc (3) fire, power outages, disasters and other
Stop by the company, or if you wanted to break 2 company bears no responsibility for damages caused to the user, based on measures pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the company made. Article 7 the ad cookie delivery and analysis-1 company to investigate developments in user’s website, according to Googlanalytics http://www.Googl.com/intl/ja/Analytics/privacyovrviw.html,
Image files (Web beacons) are used, you can get a statistical site usage information.
2. we can service, based on our sole discretion, to show ads according to the terms and the user will agree beforehand.
3. company is available on the part of the advertising provided by third-party ad serving system.
Any third party delivery company and the advertising delivery system than the ad needs to deliver to our users, such as IP address, user agent, time of access, Cookie or Web Storage to get the.
Save our No. 8 article information is user messages, postings or other information if certain operational period was saved is not obligated to store such information, even we can delete this information at any time and the.
The company bears responsibility for damages caused to the user, under the measures pursuant to this article, the company made.2. for our users, and post information available free of charge (re license to reproduce, duplicate, modify, any third party including any other.
) And licensed the rights to the.
3. to continue lifetime license under the preceding paragraph, area restrictions, mandatory copyright and other accompanying conditions though, and, even after the end of the term period of the license for users of our intellectual property rights of posted information.
4. you may received a Commission from the company or a third party use, etc. of the company or any third party website posts information and publishing.
In this case, if the company posts information for acts such as summary, excerpts, resize or crop alteration.
In addition, users can post to the user when the company posts information, or send the user ID to display other registration matters that prior to acknowledge.
5. this agreement in accordance with the other users to post information, except yourself, rather than to any other third party, users can post information of other users without permission. you will not violate the rights of other reproduction, use and.
Also, shouldn’t we also conduct analysis and user information automatically collected by crawling, etc..
6. damages caused to the user by our users or other third parties post information using our warranties not.
Also, if users use other users post information unless particularly agreed terms and the use of the consent by the user posts information, profit, company shall have the right can claim monies the amount equivalent to the benefits. Ownership of no. 10 article entitled attribution-this site and the services and intellectual property rights, and belong to the company or license granted by license of the service is
Doesn’t mean that the intellectual property rights of the company on this Web site or the service or license granted by license.
User’s actions that might infringe the intellectual property rights of the company or licensed to license for any reason (including disassembly, Decompilation, reverse engineering, but not limited to this.
) Does not want the.
No. 11 article warranty disclaimer and exclusion 1 company not do any warranty regarding the accuracy and truthfulness of the information displayed on the service (including comments), assumes no responsibility for any.2. in addition to the preceding post company information is not linked to the information that is displayed on the service and other websites and external services undertake any warranty information displayed on the service and other information,
Linked websites and external services assumes no responsibility.
Further, directly from our users or got indirect information about the service or someone else, even our company is not made any warranty beyond what is provided in this agreement, grantee. 3. and to investigate whether or not violate internal rules of laws and users use this service is applied, users, industry organizations based on their own risk and expense, according to users, our laws and use of the services, user has application
It is not to guarantee that no match and internal regulations of the trade associations. 4. company is not uninterrupted use of the service by user or promised to be done without errors, represent or warrant that the services for users and is licensed “as is”, explicit or implied, regardless of their suitability for particular purpose, title,
It is not about non-infringement of third party rights, and warranties to be.
Shall not be responsible for any company for failure to remove any posted information and other communications, save or send the 5. the interruption of the provision of services by the company and stop the unavailability or modify, delete your messages or information or loss, loss of data by use of the cancellation of the registration of the user, the service or equipment failures or damage,
Shall not be liable whatsoever be liable for any damages suffered by the user related to this service. 6. links to other websites containing the ads from this site or other Web sites provided the link to the download page of this site or this site, even if we are
Assumes no liability based on any reason for Web site other than this site and information obtained from. 7. exclusion from the setting design posted on whether or not the ranking, ranking criteria and ranking based on the other have any discretion on the content of the service, the company is, without incurring the obligation to disclose the reasons behind its decision, under any circumstances,
About this user not to challenge.The same hereinafter.
) Can be found that ensures that do not, such as antisocial, without notice, to notify the other party in writing immediately terminate future terms.
2. the parties to this agreement’s party related to this agreement, and has signed a contract (hereinafter referred to as “Association Agreement”.
) Of, whereas to the other party, if it turns out that who has mediated a representative of parties or related parties regarding the conclusion of the relevant contract or a related contract concluded with antisocial forces.-related contract may seek to take other necessary measures.
3. can future to terminate this agreement immediately by notice in writing to the other party, if refused without justification is requested to take necessary measures based on the preceding, despite the parties to this agreement without notice. 4. before except as provided in paragraphs parties hereto, other directors, auditors, and employees funding that other members, shareholders, partners, or counsel and other advisors such as antisocial, or other party through other maintenance such as antisocial, When the cases proved to have done up some with antisocial forces operated or to or to get involved, etc., etc., or involved, seeking the cancellation notice is received after considerable during the period this persists
You can toward the future to terminate this agreement immediately by notice in writing to the other party.
5. party pursuant to this article, this agreement, you shall not be liable for any damages due to such termination to the other party.
Article 13 dispute resolution process and compensation for damages 1 user, by violating the terms related to use of the service, or company is negatively affected, whereas we, must compensate for the damage. 2. user relates to the services of other users in case a conflict between the subject or those who claims from any other third party to immediately notify our content, as well as at your expense and risk and process claim or dispute, upon request from the company,
Its progress and report results to the company.
3. relates to the use of the service by the user, we have other users from any other third party right infringement must compensate the amounts based on the claim, our party was forced to pay users for some other reasons.The apply consumer contract law due to other reasons, this section notwithstanding other liability of the company to indemnify the company incurs a liability for users, our liability will be limited to typical damages suffered directly by the user.
Article 14 personal information handling our statistical information in the form of non-identifying data such as information that you provide to us in our sole discretion, use or publish you can and take objections an objection to this one and the users.
Article 15 the usage contract on valid period will date from the user by using the service, terminate this service is to remain in effect between the company and the user.
No. 16 article of this agreement, change 1 company’s terms (including regulations, rules for the services listed on this website.
The same in this article.
) Or you can freely change the contents of this service. 2 and published on this site said changes to user if you change the contents of this agreement or the service, or to inform of such changes if the publication or notification after the user by using the service, users
We assume that you agree to change the contents of this agreement or the service.
No. 17 article contact / notification service communication contact other users contact us or notification, and notification about changes of these terms and other from us to your users or notification shall be made in the manner prescribed by the company.
1 user no. 18 the terms of transfer, etc., without our prior written consent, you cannot transfer, relocation, collateral, and other measures, to third parties with the obligations or rights under this agreement or agreement on status. 2. registration of rights upon the assignment of business when we are transferred to the third-party service operations, based on the status of the agreement on the terms and obligations of, and the user can be transferred to the transferee of the business transfer and other customer information, the users are
Each such assignment book and agreed in advance.
Furthermore, this shall include any company, as well as transfer of normal business other businesses to transfer business transfers provided for in paragraph.
No. 19 article full agreement this agreement is, and constitutes the company matters contained in this privacy policy and the user agreement, supersedes prior users and company matters contained in this agreement, oral or written agreements, representations and understandings.プロミス 明石